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Posted on 3/17/07 at 08:03 PM  
  I installed Quickbook 2004 in January. LAter a client sent me a file that was saved in Excel. I went to Microsoft and found a trial version that I could download so I could open the file sent to me. The next day I went to post some checks and my shortcut to quickbooks was gone. I searched for files & folders but I couls only find files not the program. I called intuit and they even tried to locate the program and it was gone. They tried to find my registration and they could not locate. Stupid me can't find my box or case for the software so I can reload it. I have the CD but no serial number. Can anyone help me with this problem? I found the receipt for the software and they even saw the CD with the program on it when they looked at my computer. All they need to do is give me a new serial number but they won't do it. Something about I could not register it. I don't care if I can register it all I want to be able to do is use it to keep my books. My husband paid $200 for it because that is what the receipt said. Is there somewhere on the files on the CD to find the serial number or in the files on my computer? Thank youfor reading this post and PLEASE help me. I don't want to have to buy new software and start all over. There are hours of work on those files.


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