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The Rules
This is meant to be a fun place where lively, informative discussions take place. There are just a few simple rules. If you want to post to a particular Forum you must first Register (its free!) and Login. You do not have to Register to view the posts. We will not tolerate rude behavior, inappropriate posts, users who "spam" and post their comments on more than one Forum at a time, or posts that are not on the topic. These posts will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned. We want this to be an open forum where people will not be afraid to post their comments in a professional manner.

Sales posts are ONLY allowed on the Commercial Classified, Private Classified, Artists, Product Promotion, and Embroidery Classified Forums. All other Forums DO NOT allow sales posts. We are tolerant of suppliers answering questions as long as you don't make it a blatant sales pitch for your product.

State of the Forum Announcement

Members of the Screenprinters.net Forums:

As many of you have noticed, a transfer of ownership for this website occurred this past May. The forum is now correctly, and legally, registered to Graphic Arts Acquisition Corp. (an affiliate of Hirsch International) as a result of several years of litigation.

There has been much confusion surrounding the events that have occurred on this website, dating back to April 2009 when the domain was illegally registered by another party. Due to the nature of the litigation in process at the time, it was difficult, if not impossible, to provide any type of official statement regarding the status of the website.

We apologize that many long standing members and contributors to this site were left in the dark.

Now that the legal process is completed we have begun our attempts to clean up and repair the forum as much as possible. You may have already seen that there is moderation occurring in the forums. Some forum categories will be eliminated if they are no longer considered to be relevant, and more forum categories will be added as our industry changes and grows.
We also have plans to upgrade the forum software in the future to keep up with today's rapidly improving technology.

You, the users, have been the driving force in keeping this forum alive and well for the past two years. We absolutely appreciate all of your dedication and we intend to keep this forum active and growing.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can make this a better place to "hang out" and share ideas and solutions, please feel free to email us at hostmaster@screenprinters.net
We will make every attempt to address all of your concerns.

Thank you for your continued patience as we improve and grow this forum.

Hirsch International

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